TVGW Tours By Nexa – Alessia Fuga: THE WORLD OF GLASS IN A BEAD (Murano)


The TVGW Tours by Nexa for Sunday, 10th September in Murano will take you to a glass studio that encapsulates the essence of Venetian beads, so important in the past centuries as to become a trading currency!

September 10th – MURANO

Alessia Fuga, our artisan of excellence, creates beads and bead jewellery, authentic objects of art. While still very young, Alessia fell in love with the very history of glass beads, their beauty, their impalpability, and decided to quit school, fully embracing the challenge that this form of craftsmanship offered her. Alessia will show us how the glass bead is created according to very ancient techniques: melting the glass rod, winding the molten glass on a steel needle, creating a base that will give form to different shapes that in turn can be decorated in a variety of ways. Her artefacts are distinctive, recognized and appreciated by collectors and connoisseurs and are the result of continuous experimentation, careful design and marked originality. Curious to touch Alessia's incredible artefacts and visit her studio with our guide?

Photo Credit: Nexa Event & Travel Designers


Time: 15.00|16.30

Meeting Point: Murano Faro ACTV stop – TVGW Totem

Price: 15€ pp


Reduced > 12 € for children 6|14 years old and Venetians (on ID card presentation)

Children up to 6 years of age free

Languages: Italian and English

Telephone Number: + 39 327 973 4885

Email di contatto:



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